The Oculus Touch gamepad emulation feature allows you to use your Touch controllers in place of a gamepad controller in certain games and apps that require a gamepad.

For the Touch gamepad emulation feature to work:

  1. All other wired and wireless controllers need to be disconnected from your PC
  2. Your PC's operating systems needs be on Windows 10

How do I determine if a game or app supports the Touch gamepad emulation feature?

  1. Open the Oculus app on your computer
  2. Open a game or app of your choice
  3. In the product description page, locate the section Supported Controllers
  4. If that content offers Touch (as Gamepad) as a supported controller, this feature will work

Note: This feature only works on Windows 10. To play any gamepad-controlled games on operating systems older than Windows 10 (WIN 7 and 8.1), you need to use an Oculus supported gamepad.

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