If you see a Headset Sensor check error message during your Rift S initial setup, it may be due to a Windows camera privacy setting that allows you to control whether apps can use a camera connected to your computer. By default, the camera privacy setting is set to On.

If the camera privacy setting is set to Off, you will not be able to finish the Rift S setup. The Rift S requires camera access to function because Windows reads the built-in sensors in your Rift S as cameras. The Rift S sensors capture the movement of your headset and touch controllers, while also tracking and navigating the physical space around you to help keep you safe while you're in VR.

If your camera privacy settings are set to Off, please change it to On, to set up and use your Rift S. To do this:

  1. Open your Windows Settings.
  2. Click Privacy.
  3. Click Camera.
  4. Change your “Allow apps to access your camera” setting to “On.”
Once you've updated your settings, unplug the headset cables from your computer and plug them back in to continue setting up your Rift S.

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