The Mixed Reality Capture Tool allows you to place real-world objects in VR. Using a webcam, green screen and broadcasting software you can capture footage of yourself and superimpose it in the virtual world.

Getting Started with the Mixed Reality Capture Tool

To set up the Mixed Reality Capture Tool:

  1. From your PC, download the Mixed Reality Capture Tool.

  2. Launch the app and click Get Started.

  3. Review the terms and conditions and click Agree.

  4. Click Rift S to begin setup.

  5. Launch the Mixed Reality Capture app in your Rift S and click Search for Device.

  6. Once the device is found click Calibrate Your Camera.

  7. Select your webcam from the Current Camera menu and then click Begin Calibration.

  8. Follow the onscreen instructions to calibrate your controller and then click Save to Headset.

  9. Locate the game launcher on your computers hard drive. Example location: C:\Program Files\Oculus\Software. Create a shortcut of the launcher.

  10. Right click the shortcut and click Properties.

  11. In the field next to Target add "-mixedreality" to the end of the text in the box.

  12. Launching the game from the shortcut should now open a split screen of your computer.

Setting Up Open Broadcaster Software

To use the Mixed Reality Capture Tool with Open Broadcaster Software, or OBS:

  1. Follow the link from the capture tool to install the required OBS version.

  2. Click Generate OBS Scene Collection and launch OBS.

  3. From the top of OBS, click Scene Collection Menu > click Import. Pick the OBS Scene Collection file you saved. Once it's imported, go back to the Scene Collection Menu and select your file from the dropdown.

  4. In the foreground and background layer, right click and click Filters > click Crop/Pad. Make sure you're selecting the background from the left side of the screen and the foreground from the right side of the screen.

  5. If they look incorrectly sized, click on both layers and then click Transform > click Stretch to Screen.

  6. Close out of this screen, right click on the foreground layer, click Filters > click Chroma Key. Make sure the dropdown Key Color Type matches the main background color .

Note: If you're noticing that there is latency between your movements and the ones being captured, you may need to adjust the Render Delay in OBS. To adjust this, right click on your video capture device and click Filters. Click Render Delay and make adjustments until the latency from your movements decreases.

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