It’s important to adjust your straps and headset carefully while using Oculus Go. Keep in mind your limited warranty doesn’t cover normal wear and tear or physical damages.

While adjusting your Oculus Go straps:

  • Do not pull on straps excessively or with too much force.
    • If you feel the strap arm coming loose or disconnecting from your headset, you are pulling the straps too hard or the headset is fitted too tightly on your head.
  • Tighten straps one at a time.

If your strap comes loose from your headset:

  1. Run the strap through the bottom loop of your strap arm so the fastener fabric faces outward.
  2. Run the strap through the top loop of your strap arm.
  3. Fold the strap back around the top loop and press it to the fastener fabric at the desired length.

If your strap arm disconnects from your Oculus Go headset:

  1. Reposition the arm over the speaker mount with the front loop tilted in.
  2. Press the arm firmly back into the housing while tilting the rear loop towards the headset.
  3. Firmly press until you hear the arm engage with the speaker mount with an audible "snap".
    • If you experience trouble reattaching the strap arm to your headset, you may need to push firmly using your palm while gripping the headset from both sides.

Note: If you continue experiencing issues with your Oculus Go straps, contact Customer Support for additional help.

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