If you’re seeing a black screen in your Oculus Rift headset or the display you’re using (example: monitor, television), try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Check to make sure your Rift and display are both plugged into your dedicated graphics card. If your Rift and display are plugged into your integrated graphics card, you won’t see an image.
  • If you’re already using your HDMI port for your display, or your graphics card doesn’t have a HDMI port, try the following options:
Display OptionsRift Options
HDMI to mini-HDMI adapterHDMI to mini-HDMI adapter
DisplayPortDisplayPort adapter
DisplayPort adapter HDMI to DVI adapter
DVI portHDMI to VGA adapter
HDMI to DVI adapter
VGA port
HDMI to VGA adapter

Note: Some adapters may not be compatible or may cause performance problems.