Hand Tracking

Hand Tracking is a feature for Oculus Quest 2 and Quest that allows you to use your hands in place of your touch controllers.

Right now, Hand tracking is primarily used to navigate around your home screen and interact with things like your library, settings panel, and Oculus Store. In the future we expect this functionality to expand to additional apps and features.

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Hand tracking works by using the inside-out cameras on Oculus Quest 2 and Quest. Your headset will detect the position and orientation of your hands and the configuration of your fingers. Once detected, computer vision algorithms are used to track the movement and orientation of your hands.

For more information on how Hand Tracking works and what information we collect, visit our Hand Tracking Privacy Notice.

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To turn Hand Tracking on or off:

  1. Press oculus icon on your right Touch controller to pull up your universal menu.

  2. Select .

  3. In the panel to your left, select Devices.

  4. Select Hands and Controllers.

  5. In the Hand Tracking section, use the toggles next to Hand Tracking to turn the feature on or off.

You can also turn the auto switching feature of hand tracking on or off.

  • If this setting is on, your headset will automatically switch between using your hands or controllers.

  • If this setting is off, you will need to manually enable and disable hand tracking.

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Hand Tracking for Oculus Quest 2 and Quest currently supports the following gestures:

GesturesWhat it's used forHow to do itDemo
Point and PinchTo select something.When the cursor appears, point your hand at what you want to select. Then, pinch your thumb and finger together to select.
Pinch and ScrollScrolling up, down, left, or rightPinch your fingers inward. While still pinched inward, move your hand up, down, left or right to scroll. When you’re done scrolling, release.
Palm PinchBrings you back to your Oculus Home menu.Look at your palm at eye level, then hold your thumb and index finger together until the Oculus icon fills up, then release.
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You can see if Hand Tracking is enabled in an app by viewing its product details page in the Oculus Store. If Hand Tracking is enabled, it will be listed as one of the input methods for that app or game.

We expect that Hand Tracking will become compatible with more apps and features over time.

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Yes, hand tracking can be used with Oculus TV and its associated channels to play, pause, and stop the content that you’re viewing. To do this:

  1. Place your palm in the face up position to show the laser pointer.

  2. When the control menu becomes available, use the pinch gesture to select the appropriate control.

Please note: Third party media apps like Netflix and Hulu do not currently support hand tracking.

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