Charge your headset

Plug the charging cord into your Oculus Quest Headset and a power source to begin charging it. The charging indicator turns green once it's fully charged.

Adjust your headset

  1. Loosen the side straps and then the top strap.
  2. Starting from the back, put on your headset.
    • Make sure to pull the back strap down until it cradles the base of your head.
    • If you’re wearing glasses, put on the headset from the front first.
  3. Tighten the side tabs and then top strap.
    • Make sure that the straps aren't too tight. The headset should fit comfortably and not apply too much pressure on your face and head.

Adjust your view

  • With your hands holding both sides of your headset, slowly move your Oculus Quest up and down until the picture is clear and the headset feels comfortable.
  • If you wear glasses, insert the glasses spacer into your Oculus Quest headset prior to using it.
  • If the image in your headset isn't clear, you can use your left thumb to move the image slider on the left of the bottom of your headset to the left and right until the image is clear.

Once your headset is adjusted, follow the instructions in-VR and in the Oculus mobile app to complete the setup process.


If you're having trouble completing the setup process, make sure your Wi-Fi signal is strong. If you have a weak signal, try moving to another location. Quest must be set up on a secure, password protected network. Unsecured networks can't be used for the setup process. Your Wi-Fi network can't use captive portals.

You may also want to check that Oculus services are up and running as expected. You can do that by checking the service status page.

If you continue experiencing issues setting up your Oculus Quest, contact Customer Support.

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