Known Issues

This is a list of known issues with the Rift Core 2.0 beta. We are aiming to resolve these issues in future releases. If you have a support issue that is not captured here, please contact Oculus Support.

Please note: because this is a beta release, Oculus Support may not be able to resolve all behavioral or functional issues with Rift Core 2.0

Known Hardware Issues

  • You may not see anything (black display) in your Rift headset if:
    • You're on an out-of-date driver version for your graphics card. See the “compatibility information” section in the Rift Core 2.0 Beta User Guide for specific details for your hardware vendor.
    • After unplugging and reconnecting the Rift's HDMI cable. Restarting your PC should resolve the issue. (Note: There are known conflicts with some integrated Intel graphics cards that can be resolved by disabling them in Device Manager.)
  • Closing the Oculus desktop app from within Dash may not cause the Oculus software to shut down cleanly. You may experience crashes or frozen images within the headset. Restarting your PC should resolve the issue.
  • Due to a limitation in the current NVIDIA graphics drivers, Rift may not function correctly on NVIDIA GPUs with monitors plugged into every available port. You may need to leave one port unoccupied in order for Rift Core 2.0 to function correctly.

Known Software Issues

  • You may experience issues with frame rate when using Dash if you're currently running an outdated version of Windows 10. Updating Windows 10 to the latest version should resolve this issue.

Known Multi-GPU PC Issues

You may experience problems with Dash functionality if you are using multiple GPUs on the same PC. This is common in “VR Ready” laptops and in some desktop configurations.

  • Some monitors may not be accessible through Oculus Desktop within Dash.
  • Some tear-out windows may not function correctly. See “Tear-out panel desktop compatibility issues” below for more details.

Known Input Issues

  • The windows onscreen keyboard (accessible via the keyboard shortcut in the lower right corner of some Dash panels) may not always display correctly at the right scale, especially for windows on monitors with DPI scale settings other than 100%.
  • No hardware mouse cursor is visible within Dash. One temporary workaround is to enable displaying pointer trails in the “visibility” settings for your physical mouse.

Known Oculus Desktop Monitor Issues

  • Dash creates a virtual display that will appear in your display settings. Reconfiguring your display settings (including powering off monitors or changing mirroring settings) while the Oculus software is running can cause consistency issues and may cause desktop windows to move to the virtual monitor and become inaccessible. You should be able to recover by shutting down the Oculus desktop app.
  • Desktop monitors configured in “portrait” mode in your display settings won't be oriented correctly within Dash.
  • After locking and unlocking your computer, some Dash windows may no longer render correctly. You should be able to grab and move these windows in order for them to resume rendering correctly.

Tear-out panel desktop compatibility issues

In some cases, you may be unable to “tear out” individual desktop windows into their own panels. The panel may be replaced with one of two error icons:

This icon is displayed when Oculus Desktop could not correctly identify the desktop window to embed in a Dash panel. This is likely to be a compatibility issue between Dash and the specific program that created the window. You can report issues with Windows desktop apps through the Help Center section of the Oculus app on your PC, and we may be able to investigate (please note that Oculus Support doesn't respond to feedback submissions).

This icon is displayed when Oculus Desktop was unable to create a virtual panel for the corresponding desktop window. This can have multiple causes, but a there is a known issue creating windows that are placed on monitors connected to a GPU other than the one the Rift is plugged into.

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