There are two ways to use apps with the people in your party.

Travel together with your party to an app

Apps that let you travel together with your party members will appear in your home feed. To travel together with your party:

  1. From your home feed, scroll down to Create a new Public Party and choose one of the available apps.

  2. Select Start Party.

  3. You can adjust your party settings after you’ve created your party from the party panel.

Please note, parties that start from your home feed will default to public, but can be changed using the privacy settings in the party panel. Learn more about party privacy settings.

Invite your party to meet you in an app

If you don’t have all your party members ready to go ahead of time you can invite others to meet you at a joinable destination within an app. A joinable destination is like a VR lobby or waiting room where you can hang out until the rest of your party joins you.

To invite your party members to travel to a joinable destination:

  1. Launch an app that has a joinable destination.

  2. Pause the app by pressing the oculus button on your right touch controller.

  3. From the pause menu, select Invite and follow the onscreen prompts to allow others to join your party.

Keep in mind, you can leave the joinable destination before your entire party arrives, however if someone from your party wants to join you after you’ve left, you’ll need to return to the joinable destination to meet your party member.

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