Oculus parties allow you to hang out and chat with friends in VR. A party can either be public or private.

Private Parties

A private party is a voice over IP (VOIP) call made to people you’re already friends with, or friends of other party invitees. You can set who is allowed in your party by selecting and choosing either invite only or friends of invitees. Private parties can be launched from your friends screen, from Messenger in VR, or from within an app that supports parties.

Public Parties

A public party is a voice over IP (VOIP) call that can be discovered by people outside of your Oculus friends list. Public parties allow you to explore experiences or play games with other people in-VR, and can be launched from your home feed, or from within an app that supports public parties.

Parties Controls

When you're in a party, you'll see an active call bar at the bottom of the Universal Menu toolbar:

  • Connection status

    • Connecting

    • Reconnecting

    • Not connected

  • Party leader's name

  • Number of people in the party

  • Party volume

    • You can adjust the volume of your party chat by selecting the and adjusting the volume slider.

  • Chat optionsYou can switch between party chat and in-app chat (if available) by selecting .

  • Mic options You can mute or unmute your mic by selecting

  • Leave party You can leave the party you're in by selecting .

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