You can find serial numbers for your Oculus Quest, as well as individual serial numbers for your headset and the Oculus Quest controllers. These numbers are useful if Customer Support is helping you replace an item, or if you are in the process of pairing a device.

To locate the serial number for your headset:

On the right side of your headset, gently pull the strap arm back away from the lens to expose the 14-digit alphanumeric serial number.

Note: If your headset straps are on a looser setting, the serial number may already be exposed without having to pull back on the strap.

To locate the individual serial number for your controllers:

Look on the inside edge of the battery door of the touch controller to locate the serial number.

To locate the serial number for your Oculus Quest package:

  1. On the outside of your Oculus Quest box, look for a small, white sticker marked with a bar code.
  2. Under the bar code, find S/N followed by the 14-digit serial number.
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