Note: Voice Dictation is currently only available to people using Oculus in the United States with English set as the default language.

How do I use Voice Dictation in Oculus?

To use Voice Dictation instead of typing, select the microphone on your Oculus keyboard. For example, to use Voice Dictation with Oculus Browser:

  1. Open Browser in-VR.
  2. Select the address bar.
  3. When they keyboard appears, select the microphone.
  4. Say “” to type into the URL field.
  5. Select Go to load your results.

What information do you collect when I use Voice Dictation?

When you use Voice Dictation, our system creates a short recording and transcription to process. Once we complete the dictation (that is, transcribe your voice to text), we delete the voice recording and transcription immediately, unless you choose to provide feedback on your Voice Dictation experience.

How can I provide feedback on my Voice Dictation?

You have the opportunity to provide feedback on your Voice Dictation experience by selecting “thumbs-up” or “thumbs-down” after you use Voice Dictation. If you select the “thumbs-down,” you’ll have the option to submit the recording and transcription of your last voice dictation. If you choose to submit them, the recording and transcription will be stored on our servers and a trained reviewer may listen for what went wrong to help make our voice services better for everyone.

How does Voice Dictation differ from voice commands?

Voice Commands and Voice Dictation are two separate services that allow you to use your voice to navigate and control your Oculus device.

  • You can use Voice Commands by selecting the Voice Commands button in the Quick Actions menu.

  • You can use Voice Dictation to use your speech to type, by selecting the microphone on the Oculus keyboard.

Unlike Voice Commands, we do not store or review recordings or transcripts of dictations you make with the Oculus keyboard unless you submit the recordings to us for feedback. Because your Voice Dictation recordings and transcripts are not stored, you will not see them in your Voice Command activity log.

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