There are two ways to get a 3D asset that meets our Asset Requirements into your Home:

  • Place a GLB file into the Oculus Home Import Directory.

  • Use software that exports GLB files directly to the Import Directory.

    • For instance, using the Share to Home feature in Oculus Medium.

My Imports

Oculus Home has added a new section to your inventory: My Imports

This is where you will find local 3D assets on your disk that you can place in your Home, including several example assets you can use.

NEKO-ROBO and Slow Living are files on disk that haven't placed in your Home. As soon as you place an object in your Home it will automatically create an inventory object so that visitors to your Home can see it.

Import Directory

Oculus Home will search the following directory for any .glb files:

Documents → Oculus Home→ _Import

Example: C:\Users\myusename\Documents\Oculus Home\_Import

Any files found in this folder will be shown in My Imports

Note: If this folder does not exist, it will be automatically created when you select the My Import section of your Inventory in Oculus Home and we will add a couple example assets.

Oculus Medium: Share to Home

In Oculus Medium, just like sharing a 3D post to Facebook, you can now Share to Home. This will save your model to Oculus Home's Import Directory and the model will be available to use immediately in your Home.

  1. Sculpt in Medium.

  2. Select Share, then Share to Home.

  1. Set the Title for your sculpt.

    • This will be the name of the item in your Home.

  2. Choose the Detail level:

    • Low for small things or objects you plan to copy many times in your Home.

      • Most objects will look great at Low. When in doubt, choose Low to keep your home running fast. You can always re-export as High later.

    • High for special objects you want to showcase in your Home.

  3. Click the green check mark when you are ready.

  4. Once your model is done exporting, make sure that you save your sculpture in Medium.

  5. Close Medium and return to your Oculus Home.

  6. You will find your new 3D Asset in your Inventory under the My Imports section.

  7. Use your new creation in Home just like you would use any of the other items in Home.

Note: Medium sculpts are in real world units by default. However, if you scale your model up or down, you will have to take care to make sure this model is the size you expect after Sharing to Home. You can adjust the size and orientation of your shared sculpt by adjusting the Export Transform in the Medium Scene Graph.

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