You can use Dash in your Oculus Rift S or Rift to access PC Desktop apps, view and open items in your VR Library, and adjust other system settings and services from anywhere in VR.

To open or close Dash, tap the Oculus button on your right Touch controller while you're in VR. From here you'll have access to multiple Dash panels, which are controllable from your Dash belt. These include:

  • Explore: Browse featured games and new releases.
  • Library: View your downloaded and purchased games and apps.
  • Store: Open and browse the Oculus Store.
  • Social: View your friends list, requests, and party invitations.
  • Notifications: Check for recent app updates or other Oculus notifications.
  • Settings : Control settings for your headset and sensors.
  • Home: Return to your Oculus Home.
  • Oculus Desktop: View and access your computer's desktop and applications within VR.


  • You can use the grip button while pointing at Dash elements to grab and reposition them around you.
  • You can also move your Dash belt closer or further away from you by grabbing it and repositioning it.

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