Getting Started with Facebook Horizon

Customizing Your Avatar

When you first begin using Facebook Horizon you’ll start by setting up your avatar. You’ll be able to customize your body, face, hair and clothing. After you save the changes to your avatar, you can always go back and change these features.

To customize your avatar:

  1. Turn over your left wrist and select on the Three Line icon then select the Profile icon.

  2. Select Edit Avatar in the top right. Once you select this you’ll be taken to your Personal Space.

  3. From here, you can customize Body, Hair, Face and Clothing.

  4. You can also select Randomize to get a random look for your avatar.

  5. Once you’re done, select Save Changes and Exit.

Keep in mind, if you’re already in Personal Space the Edit Avatar button will be grayed out under your profile icon.

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Using Your Controllers

To move your avatar using Teleport Mode:

  1. Push forward with either thumbstick to bring up a circle to the floor.

  2. Point to a spot you want to travel to and then release to move there.

To change your movement preferences:

  1. Turn over your wrist and select the Three Line icon, then select the Settings icon.

  2. Select Movement, then select Preferences.

  3. Choose between Teleport and Slide. You can also adjust the Rotation Angle. The Rotation Angle decides how much you turn when you push the thumbstick left or right.

To move your avatar using Slide Mode:

  1. Push forward with your left thumbstick in the direction you want to travel.

  2. Push the right thumbstick in the left or right direction to turn.

  3. Click on your right thumbstick to jump.

To jump, click your right thumbstick. To sprint, click your left thumbstick. Keep in mind, these actions only work while in Slide Mode.

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You’ll interact with many things throughout your time in Horizon. From throwing boomerangs, shooting basketballs or using blasters during Laser Tag, using objects in a world is part of how you’ll explore in Horizon.

To grab an object:

  1. Move your hand to the object you want to grab and point your palm to it.

  2. When the object is within range, a white circle will appear.

  3. Press and hold your Grab Trigger.

  4. To drop an object, let go of your Grab Trigger.

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Exploring Horizon

To travel to a new world from the Plaza:

  1. From the Plaza, you’ll see world previews across the space.

  2. Walk up to a world you’re interested in visiting and select Visit World.

  3. From the Plaza, you’ll travel to the new world.

To travel to a new world from the Personal Menu:

  1. Turn over your left wrist and select the Three Line icon, then select the Pin icon.

  2. You’ll see four categories:

    1. Featured A list of suggested worlds.

    2. Active A list of worlds that have people currently visiting them.

    3. New These are worlds that have been recently published and ready to explore.

    4. Current This is the world you’re currently in.

  3. From a category listed above, find a world you’d like to visit and select Go To.

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When exploring Horizon, you may enjoy interacting with someone and want to add them as a friend. When you add them as a friend, it will be easier for you to find them and invite them to a party, explore, or create with you in the future.

To add someone as a friend in Horizon:

  1. Look at your wristband and select the Horizon menu.

  2. Select the People tab and find the person you want to add.

  3. Select the Three Dot icon near their name, then select Add Friend.

Keep in mind, adding a person as a friend in Horizon will also add them as a friend to your Oculus account.

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A party is made when a group of people want to explore together in Facebook Horizon. By partying up, you make sure that everyone in your party goes to the same world at the same time. If you don’t party up, you may get separated from others you’re playing with.

To create a Party from your menu:

  1. Look at your wristband and select the Horizon menu.

  2. From the Horizon menu, select the People tab.

  3. Find the person you want to invite, select the Three Dot icon, then select Party Up.

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The Safe Zone is a personal space where you can take a moment away from other people and your surroundings. From here, you can mute, block and report content or people.

To access your Safe Zone:

  1. Look at your wristband.

  2. Select the Shield icon.

From here, you can:

  • Report the world you’re currently in.

  • View, report or block nearby people.

  • Mute or unmute someone.

  • Go to your Personal Space.

If someone doesn’t make you feel safe, you can block them from this menu. Learn how to block and unblock someone in Horizon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Facebook Horizon?

A: Facebook Horizon is a social experience where you can explore, play, and create worlds.

Q: What data is being shared about my activity in Horizon with Facebook?

A: Horizon is a Facebook product that requires people to log in with their Facebook account. You can read more in the Supplemental Beta Facebook Horizon Terms of Service and Supplemental Beta Facebook Horizon Data Policy.

Q: Does my use of Horizon impact the ads I see across Facebook products?

A: Horizon is a Facebook product and people log into it with Facebook, so Facebook may use information about your use of Horizon to provide you with more personalized ads.

Q: Are you recording what’s happening in Horizon?

A: When you submit a report, you will be able to include captured information from what happened in the past. Your Oculus headset will be capturing the last few minutes of your experience in Horizon through a rolling buffer that’s processed locally on your device and is overwritten over time. Captured audio data from this rolling buffer is not stored on our servers unless a report is submitted, but we may store other data about your experience in Horizon in accordance with the Supplemental Beta Facebook Horizon Terms of Service. When you submit a report, we’ll use the information you send us to take appropriate action and then delete the recordings.

Q: How are you going to prevent harassment in Horizon?

A: In Horizon, we know it’s important for you to feel safe and in control of your experience and surroundings. So we’re building features into the product that give people choices, including:

  • A Safe Zone button that lets you take a break from your surroundings.

  • The ability to block and mute people.

  • The ability to report people or content.

  • Personal boundary so other players can’t get too close.

  • Trained safety specialists who can monitor and record harmful conduct as it happens

  • When you submit a report, it will include the last few minutes of your experience. This recording is being captured by your Oculus headset on a rolling basis, so it's simpler to include evidence of what happened in the past.

Q: What information is visible to other people in Horizon when I use the product?

A: Horizon is a public space, so when you interact with other people in Horizon, you can be seen just as you would be in a real-world public space. Your Horizon profile information (which includes details like your username, avatar, and your mutual Oculus friends who also play Horizon) is always available to other people in Horizon. This means your avatar may appear in photos, recordings, or livestreams that other people in Horizon capture and share.

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