Learn about Multiple Accounts on Oculus Quest 2 and Quest

With Quest 2 and Quest, you can add up to three additional accounts to your device. The admin account on the device can add additional accounts in-VR. All accounts will need to login with Facebook to have their own unique account and profile.
How do they work?
Additional accounts will be able to install and use apps that they have purchased from the Oculus Store, as well as apps purchased by the admin account if app sharing is turned on. Additional accounts can save their own app progress, media files and make use of social platform features like Parties, Leaderboards and Achievements, as well as creating and customizing their own avatar. Apps installed by additional accounts won’t take up extra storage space on the device if the admin account already has the app installed.
Each account on a device has its own information stored separately. Accounts on a device do not have access to the information stored on other accounts, including:
  • In-game progress
  • High scores
  • In-app settings

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