Hand Tracking Privacy Notice

What is Hand Tracking
Hand Tracking is a feature for Oculus Quest devices that allows you to use your hands in place of your touch controllers to navigate select applications and websites on Oculus Quest devices. You have the choice to turn this feature on in Settings in VR.
How to Enable Hand Tracking
To enable this feature, navigate to the “Settings” tab in VR, select “Device,” and toggle the “Hand Tracking” feature to enable it. You can disable “Hand Tracking” at any time by toggling the feature Off in Settings.
How Hand Tracking Works
When hand tracking is enabled, our software analyzes images of your hands from the sensors on your headset to estimate the location of certain points on your hands, such as your knuckles or fingertips. This analysis is done on your device in real time as your hands are moving. The images and estimated points of your hands are deleted after processing, and are not stored on our servers. Based on the estimated points, the software approximates the size of your hands, the location of your hands in VR, and the way your hands move in VR, including the orientation and configuration of your fingers. This estimated hand size and hand movement data is represented by standardized numerical values (such as between 0 and 1). We cannot use the images of your hands, the estimated points, or the estimated hand size or hand movement data to identify you. To ensure that you have a consistent experience, we store your most recent estimated hand size on your device so we can automatically show your hands in the right size when you put on the headset again.
What Data Is Collected
We do not collect images or estimated points of your hands on our servers. As stated above, this data is processed on the device and deleted once processing is completed. To improve the hand tracking feature, we collect certain data from your device when you choose to use hand tracking. This data includes your estimated hand size and the hand movement data mentioned above. We also collect and retain other information about your interactions with the hand tracking feature consistent with our Privacy Policy, such as tracking quality, the amount of time it takes to detect your hands, and the number of pinches you make. If your device crashes, we also collect crash logs which may contain similar information. This data is stored and associated with your account until we no longer need it to improve the hand tracking feature or if you delete your account. If you delete your account, the data associated with your account will be deleted or disassociated from your account.
What Data is Shared with Third Parties
Hand Tracking in Applications
When you enable hand tracking and use an application from the Oculus Store or App Lab that supports this feature, the app will collect your estimated hand size and hand movement in order for hand tracking to work. Oculus developers are permitted to use this data only to enable hand tracking, and not for any other purposes. See our Privacy Policy for more information about how third parties access your data and the Developer Data Use Policy which describes developers’ obligations with respect to handling user data. Please also read the developers' privacy policies for information on how they process your data.
Hand Tracking on Websites
When you enable hand tracking and visit a third party website that supports hand tracking features, estimates of your hand position and the location of certain points on your hands may be shared with the website to improve your experience. You will receive a notice when you visit a website that requests access to hand tracking data, and you can decline the request. We do not control how third party websites use, store, or share your hand tracking data once it is shared, so you should only allow access to this data by websites that you trust.

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