Oculus Link minimum requirements and system specifications.

Note for Oculus Link and AMD: If you have an AMD CPU, there is a known issue with AMD Drivers 20.11.2 and 20.11.3 that are causing Oculus Link issues when using a Polaris or Vega card. We are working together with AMD to get this resolved.
Certain games and applications require specific hardware components to work properly. To make sure your game installs and operates properly, it's recommended that your computer meets the following specifications:
  • CPU: Intel Core-i7-9700K or comparable AMD
  • RAM: 16GB DDR4
  • Graphics Card: GTX 2080 or comparable AMD
  • Storage: Ranging from 50GB to 340GB
  • Wi-Fi: At least 8mbps
Keep in mind, these specifications are decided by the developer and may vary across games.

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