Using Oculus Touch controllers

Your Oculus Touch controllers are a pair of tracked controllers that give you hand presence — the feeling that your virtual hands are actually your own. Touch controllers feature traditional action buttons, thumb-sticks and analog triggers that add familiarity to new experiences.
Here's a few examples of what the Oculus Touch controller buttons can do:
  • Trigger, and buttons select objects in your environment.
  • and buttons return you to the previous screen or menu.
  • oculus icon buttons brings up the Universal Menu. You can also press and hold oculus icon to recenter your headset view.
  • Grip button grabs objects or makes a fist when using your virtual hands.
  • button brings up the menu inside apps and experiences.
  • You can press any button to wake the controllers after you turn on your headset.
Note: Individual apps may include their own tutorials for how to use the buttons on your Oculus Touch controllers.

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