Oculus Air Link best practices and known issues

Best Practices
  • Have your PC connected to Router/Access Point via Ethernet cable
  • Headset should be connected to Wi-Fi via 5GHz band (AC or AX)
  • Router in the same room as the headset or in line-of-sight, and at least 1m off the ground
  • Non-mesh network configuration
Known Issues
  • My setup is ideal, but the performance is not good.
    • Air Link’s performance might be impacted if the Wi-Fi channel switches from 5-GHz to 2.4-GHz during a session. To avoid this behavior you can either create separate networks for the 2.4-GHz and 5-GHz bands, or disable the 2.4-GHz band altogether. Please consult the manual of your router for more information.
  • How do I unpair your headset connected to my PC?
    • Right now there is no option to unpair the headset from the PC. The way to unpair is from your headset. On headset, select Settings, Experimental Feature, Turn Air Link off.
  • I have no audio when I launch into Air Link.
    • To recover audio, reboot the headset and relaunch Air Link
  • My Settings panel becomes blank on Air Link crash or ungraceful Air Link session termination
    • You may have to reboot the headset if the settings panel goes blank.
  • Max bit rate values for AMD and NVIDIA GPUs are different
    • You can set up to a max of 100 mbps on AMD
    • You can set up to a max of 200 mbps on NVIDIA
  • My bitrate settings changes are not persistent across sessions
    • You'll always enter the Air Link session with default settings (Dynamic bitrate set to 100 mbps); any changes to bit rate settings will not be persistent across Air Link sessions.
  • I’m unable to discover my PC.
    • Make sure that your network is setup correctly
    • Check that both of your PC and headset on the same local network and neither of them is on the VPN
    • Make sure your firewall is not blocking the TCP port 5669
    • Try turning on/off the Air Link button on the Oculus PC app
    • Reboot your headset and restart your PC software

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