What can I say with Voice Commands on Oculus?

Note: Voice Commands are currently only available to people using Oculus in the United States with English set as the default language.
Turn on Voice Commands from the Quick Settings panel or the System tab in Settings to begin using this feature. Once Voice Commands is turned on, double-press the Oculus button on your right controller to initiate a voice command.
There are three ways to activate Voice Commands:
  • Click the Voice Commands button in Quick Settings panel
  • Double press the Oculus button on your right controller
  • Use the wake word, "Hey Facebook."
Note: Using the "Hey Facebook" wake word is an opt-in experience available for some Quest 2 users that can be enabled in the Experimental section of your Settings.
  • “Who’s online?” “Show me who’s online.”
  • “Create a party.” “Start a call.” “Open parties.”
  • “Show my profile.” “Open my profile.”
  • “Open chats.” “Open messages.”
  • “Show me events.”
Device Control
  • “Open library.” "Go to store." "Open search."
  • "Open browser." "Go to browser." "Open internet."
  • "Open TV." "Go to TV." "Open Oculus TV."
  • "Go home." "Exit app."
  • “Quit.” “Stop.”
  • “Turn off.” “Shut down.” “Power off.”
  • “Go to sleep.“
  • “Restart.” “Reboot.”
  • "Open Settings." "Go to Settings."
  • "Go to Wi-Fi." "Open Wi-Fi settings."
  • “Open device settings.” “Open quick settings.” “Open experiments.”
  • "Change Guardian." "Change floor height." "Change to room scale.
  • "Turn up the volume." "Turn down the volume." "It's too loud." "It's too quiet."
  • “Turn on passthrough.” “Turn off passthrough.”
  • “Reset view.”
  • “Show me notifications.”
Apps and Content
  • App launch: “Open Beat Saber” “Play Netflix.”
  • Find free games.” “Find adventure games.” “Find racing games.”
  • Open websites: “Open Youtube.com.” “Open Facebook.com.”
  • Find videos: “Find 360 videos.” “Show me space videos.”
Capture and Media
  • "Take a photo."
  • "Start recording." "Stop recording."
  • "Show me my photos." "Show me the camera roll."
  • “Start streaming.” “Stop live stream.”
  • “Start casting.” “Stop casting.”
Oculus Q&A
  • “How do I check my battery level?”
  • “How do I change my background?”
  • “How do I set up guardian?”
  • “How do I pair my phone to Oculus?”
  • “How can I factory reset?”
  • “How can I log out?”
  • “How do I change my profile picture?”
  • “How do I center my view?”
  • “How do I cast what I’m seeing in my Oculus Quest?”
  • “How much storage do I have left?”
  • “How do I reset my controllers?”
  • “How do I reboot?”
  • “How do I connect to wi-fi?”
  • "What’s the weather like today?" "What’s the weather like this afternoon?"
  • "What’s the weather like on Nov 5th?"
  • "Is it going to be cold at 5 p.m.?"
Media Control
  • "Pause." "Resume." "Stop."
  • "Go back." "Previous."
  • "Next one." "Next."
Oculus Move
  • "Enable health tracker."
  • "Show activity tracker."
  • "Hide calorie tracker."
General Questions
  • "Who is Abraham Lincoln?”
  • "What is ten to the power of forty three?”
  • "Define the word innovation.”
  • "What is 20 Celsius in Fahrenheit?”
  • "Who are the members of the Beatles?”

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