Oculus for Business

What is the new Oculus for Business?

Oculus for Business is a new software suite designed to make it easier to set up and manage large-scale VR deployments. It features enterprise-grade security and support, along with a new user experience optimized for business.

How is this different from what you've done before?

We're doubling-down on enterprise VR, adding new hardware with Oculus Quest, and for the first time, adding a dedicated software suite. We think this will make it easier for businesses to get started and move faster to get VR into their teams' hands.

What are the first features you're launching?

With Oculus for Business we're focusing on a few key areas:
  • Tools to help with bulk device setup and management.
  • The ability to create a custom enterprise user experience.
  • Enterprise grade support and security.

What does your pilot program entail?

We encourage customer and developers to reach out through www.oculus.com/business to express their interest.