Device settings

Device settings are part of each user profile; they describe a user's preferred hardware settings while wearing the headset.

The following settings can be changed:

  • Eye Cups—specifies the lenses that ship with the Oculus Rift; each type has a different height and focal length. The number of lenses included varies depending on the Rift model. The DK1 ships with three types (A, B, and C) while DK2 ships with two (A and B). In each case, the A type is pre-installed at the factory and is designed for people with normal vision. Nearsighted users might prefer the B or C type. The Oculus Configuration Utility should be set to each user's preferred type.

    Note: Oculus recommends the use of the A cups unless the other cups give you a clearer image and better experience.
  • Eye Relief—the distance between surface of the lens and the user's eye (cornea). The Rift headset has a dial on either side of it that can be adjusted with a coin to lengthen or shorten this distance. Each user should experiment with this setting to find a distance that is comfortable. The Eye Relief slider in the Oculus Configuration Utility should be adjusted to match the dial setting on the hardware. The wheel and face-plate icons depict the right hand side of a headset that is facing to the right. The slider control can be used to turn the wheel. "In" refers to the setting where the lenses are closest to your eyes, and "out" refers to setting where they are farthest.