Getting Started

The Oculus Configuration Utility enables you to configure Oculus headsets and to generate device and user profiles.

For added comfort, performance, and immersion, profiles enable users to personalize the VR experience across all Rift-enabled applications. While a reasonable default experience is supplied by the Oculus SDK, Oculus highly recommends that users use the Oculus Configuration Utility to fine-tune their own personal experience.

The following figure shows the main screen of the Oculus Configuration Utility. The top section contains Device settings, and the bottom section contains User settings. You should see an image of your Rift. If not, plug it in and turn it on.

Oculus Configuration Utility

The first time you run the Oculus Configuration Utility, create and configure a user profile.

To create a user profile, click + and type a username. Then, configure the settings. Any changes are automatically saved.

  • Device settings
    Device settings are part of each user profile; they describe a user's preferred hardware settings while wearing the headset.
  • User Settings
    User settings contain the physical characteristics of each person using the Rift, to customize the experience.
  • Advanced Settings
    Advanced settings can greatly improve the quality of the VR experience, but they are a bit more subtle than the basic settings and require a deeper level of understanding and patience to set properly.