Testing the Rift using the Demo Scene

After you have configured your user profile, you can view a sample VR scene that uses these settings.

The following figure shows the demo scene:

Demo Scene

To test the settings:

  1. Sit comfortably in front of the keyboard and mouse.

  2. Click Show Demo Scene and put on the headset.

    A menu appears in front of you. If it does not appear, your real world forward direction isn't aligned with the forward direction in the scene. To realign the forward direction, press the spacebar.

  3. Click the Start button with the mouse.

    A single room with familiar objects appears to give a sense of familiarity and scale.

  4. Experiment with the following options:

    • Recenter with the mouse—adjusts the scene for your nominal position.
    • Show Camera Bounds—displays black lines showing the range and field of view of the Positional Tracking Sensor. Adjust the sensor so the red line in the center is aimed at your face. Click Recenter (or press the spacebar) until you are comfortably sitting in the center of the Sensor field of view. Then, turn the tracker bounds off.
    • Stand—adjusts the VR view to a standing height.
  5. If this scene does not feel natural or the scale of objects seems incorrect, consider using the advanced settings. The Configuration Utility controls are duplicated in the demo scene, so you do not need to exit the scene to change those settings.
  6. When you are done viewing this scene, press the Esc key.