Gear VR Hardware Setup

Here's how to get ready to use your Gear VR.

Installing the Straps

First, install and adjust the Gear VR straps.

  1. Insert the ends of the main strap (the wider strap) through the loops on the Gear VR headset (1). Fasten the Velcro tabs to ensure a snug but comfortable fit (2).

  2. Fit the hook at the end of top strap under the metal bar at the top of the headset (1), then gently pull upward until it snaps into place (2).

  3. Slide the other end of top strap through the loop in the main strap (3) and fasten the Velcro tab (4).

  4. Adjust the straps until the headset rests comfortably on your head, with the lenses centered in front of your eyes.

Connecting your Samsung Mobile Device

Next, connect your Samsung mobile device to the Gear VR headset.

  1. Gently slide the device holder (1) into the correct position for your mobile device:

    • Position A — Samsung Galaxy Note5 or Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+
    • Position B — Samsung Galaxy S6 or Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

  2. Hold the mobile device at a slight angle to slide the mobile device's USB port carefully onto the Gear VR connector (1). Be sure the connector is firmly seated against the USB port.

    Pull the other device holder (2) slightly outward.

    Press the top of the mobile device into the device holder (3) until it clicks (4).

    • Make sure the screen of the mobile device faces inward, toward the Gear VR headset.
    • To avoid damage, do not insert the connector forcefully or roughly into the mobile device. You'll only need a small amount of force if the headset and the mobile device are in the correct position.
  3. Make sure your mobile device isn't tilted to one side. It's important to align your mobile device's screen and the headset's lenses precisely.

  4. You'll hear an audio prompt when the mobile device is properly connected.

    • If you don't hear anything, or what you see through the Gear VR lenses doesn't change, remove the mobile device ( Removing your Samsung Mobile Device) and try again.
    • Make sure your mobile device is on its home screen and isn't showing a different app.