Gear VR Software Setup

Now, install the Oculus app on your mobile device.

Preparing your Samsung Mobile Device

To use your Gear VR, you need to install the Oculus app.


Before getting started:

  • Make sure your mobile device is connected to the Internet.
  • Check that your mobile device has its volume turned up and isn't in silent mode.

To install the Oculus app:

  1. Connect the mobile device and the Gear VR headset for the first time:

    Connecting your Samsung Mobile Device
  2. After a moment, you should hear an audio prompt asking you to remove the mobile device from the headset:

    Removing your Samsung Mobile Device
  3. Follow the installation steps:

    Installing the Oculus Software

Installing the Oculus Software

Here's how to install the Oculus app.

  1. After you've removed the mobile device from the headset ( Preparing your Samsung Mobile Device), you'll see a Gear VR welcome screen.
  2. Tap Next on the welcome screen and follow the prompts.

    • You may be asked to update your Android version during the installation.
    • When prompted, tap Install Apps to install selected applications.
    • To install additional apps or content, tap Browse Oculus Store.
  3. At the end of the process, re-connect your mobile device to the Gear VR headset. ( Connecting your Samsung Mobile Device)
  4. As you put on the headset, you should see either a blank screen or a loading icon.

    • If you see sideways images or text instead, remove your mobile device from the headset, wait a few seconds, and re-connect it.
    • Make sure your mobile device is on its home screen and isn't open to a different app.
    • Be sure the headset's device connector is firmly connected to the mobile device's USB port.
  5. After a moment, you'll see the Gear VR Health & Safety Warning. Use the focus wheel on the top of the headset to make sure the text is in sharp focus.
  6. Read and acknowledge the warning. Oculus Home (Overview & Tutorial) will load.

Creating your Oculus Account

You'll need an Oculus account to download or purchase apps from the Oculus Store. As part of your account, you'll choose an Oculus username for social activities like leaderboards and achievements.

To create your Oculus account, launch the Oculus app after it finishes installing. Then follow the prompts. If you want to wait, you'll be prompted to create an Oculus account the first time you access the Oculus Store.


Here are a few things to be aware of:

  • Enter a valid email address. We'll need it to send you your confirmation link.
  • Enter your first and last name. We won't share your real name with others.
  • Choose an Oculus username that you're OK with others seeing in social games or activities.
  • Be sure to finish choosing a PIN. You'll need it to make purchases in the Oculus Store.
  • Although some apps are free, a valid credit card is required to buy apps in the Oculus Store.