Using the Gear VR

Take a quick tour of the features of the Gear VR.

Overview & Tutorial

We'll show you the basics of using the Gear VR.

Oculus Home, where you'll begin, gives you the following options:

  • Take the Gear VR Tutorial, which explains many of the same topics covered here.

    Note: If you want to review the Tutorial later, you can always find it in your Oculus Library (in alphabetical order, under "T").
  • Download and buy apps and content from the Oculus Store.

    Note: You'll need to create an Oculus account first (Creating your Oculus Account).
  • Select recent or featured apps and content.
  • Select Library to see your currently installed apps and content.

Basic Navigation

Getting around in the Gear VR is generally as simple as looking and tapping.

  1. To change what you're seeing through the Gear VR, just move your head.

    The Gear VR instantly moves the pointer to wherever you're looking in the current environment.

    Note: Some apps don't use a pointer, but your field of view will still track your head movements.
  2. To select an item, look at it (1), then tap the touchpad on the right side of the headset (2).

    Note: These steps let you select apps or content in Oculus Home, as well as interact with items and options within an app.
  3. To go back to a previous screen, press the back button, which is just above the touchpad:

Touchpad Navigation

Here's how to get around using the Gear VR touchpad.

In adding to tapping to select an item (Basic Navigation), the touchpad lets you scroll in all four directions:

  1. Swipe forward across the touchpad to move to the next item in a series.

  2. Swipe backward across the touchpad to view previous items.

  3. Swipe down on the touchpad to move down to the next row of items.

  4. Swipe up on the touchpad to move to the previous row of items.

  • When you're not wearing the Gear VR, the touchpad is disabled.
  • Some apps may not use all of the possible touchpad motions.

Opening the Universal Menu

Access key features and information in the Universal Menu, from almost anywhere in Gear VR.

To open the Universal Menu, hold down the back button

, right above the touchpad.

At the top, you'll see status information, and below that are several options you can select.

  1. Time.
  2. Cellular data, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi connection status.
  3. Battery level.
  4. Oculus Home—return to Oculus Home (Overview & Tutorial).
  5. Passthrough Camera—see outside the headset using the mobile device’s camera.
  6. Reorient—adjust your field of view based on your current head position.
  7. Do Not Disturb—mute incoming calls and notifications. This feature is turned off by default.
  8. Brightness—adjust how bright the screen appears.
Note: To exit without selecting an option, press the back button above the touchpad.