Using the Rift

Take a tour of the features of the Rift.

Rift Navigation

Here are the basics of getting around in Rift.

Whenever you put on your Rift headset, you're entering VR (virtual reality). Here's how to get around in VR.

  1. To change what you're seeing, just move your head.

    Your field of view instantly follows wherever you're looking in the current environment.

  2. In Oculus Home, as well as in many games and apps, you'll see a pointer at the center of your field of view, to help you select items more precisely.
  3. To select an item, look at it, then press the select button on the Oculus remote or the A button on the Xbox controller.

    Note: Use these steps to select games or apps in Oculus Home, or to select items and options within an app. You may prefer or need to use the Oculus remote or the Xbox controller in certain games and apps.
  4. To move around in more complicated menus, use the navigation disk on the Oculus remote or the left thumbstick on the Xbox controller.
  5. To go back to a previous screen, press the back button on the Oculus remote or the B button on the Xbox controller.

  6. To change your height within certain games and apps, you can crouch or kneel. You can also step forward, backward, or sideways. Just make sure you still have line of sight to the Oculus sensor.
    Note: Be sure to use the Rift in an area clear of furniture or other obstacles. We recommend you stand or use a rotating desk chair for best results. For more info on using the Rift safely, see our full Health & Safety Warnings.

The Universal Menu

You can access key features and information in the Universal Menu, from almost anywhere in Rift.

To open the Universal Menu, press the Oculus button on the Oculus remote or the Xbox button on the Xbox controller.

You'll see status information at the top of the screen. Below that, select one of several options:

  1. Time and date.
  2. Oculus remote connection status.
  3. Xbox controller connection status.
  4. Oculus account information.
  5. Activity—your current game or app.
  6. Notifications—recent alerts, including apps or downloads that need attention.
  7. Friends—see lists of your current friends and your friend requests.
  8. Exit to Home—return to Oculus Home.
  9. Volume—look at your desired level on the volume bar and press the select button on the Oculus remote or the A button on the Xbox controller to adjust the volume in your On-Ear Headphones. You can also use the volume buttons on the Oculus remote at any time.
  10. Reset View—reset your field of view based on your current head position. This only applies for individual games or apps. You can reset your view of Oculus Home using the steps in Rift Basic Troubleshooting.
  11. Change Lens Spacing—use the calibration screen to find the right position for the headset's lens slider.
  12. Do Not Disturb—mute incoming alerts and notifications. This feature is turned off by default.
Note: To exit without selecting an option, press the Oculus button on the Oculus remote, or the Xbox button on the Xbox controller.

Rift Headset and Lens Care

Here's how to care for the Rift headset and its lenses.

  1. Handle the headset with care. Never drop it or treat it roughly.
  2. Don't directly expose the lenses to sunlight, lasers, or other strong light sources.
  3. Don't leave the headset in extremely hot locations, such as an enclosed car on a sunny day.
  4. Use the included lens cloth to keep the lenses clean of dust and smudges. Wipe using a spiral motion, starting at the center.

    • Avoid using lens cleaner unnecessarily.
    • Lens cleaners that contain alcohol or other strong solvents may damage your lenses.
    • If you can't clean the lenses with the lens cloth alone, use a specially-formulated cleaner like Ultra Clarity lens cleaner by Nanofilm, or Sparkle Optical Lens Cleaner by A.J. Funk & Co.
    • Never spray any type of cleaner directly on or in the headset. Apply lens cleaner to the lens cloth instead.
    • Clean the lens cloth itself periodically with mild soap and water. Rinse thoroughly.
Note: If you need to clean the main strap or the facial interface, where the headset touches your face, use a baby wipe or similar. Dry the facial interface thoroughly before use.