Rift Basic Troubleshooting

Here's how to solve issues you may encounter after you've already set up your Rift.

Rift Basic Troubleshooting

  • Lagging or other tracking issues:

    • Make sure there's nothing getting in the way between your headset and the sensor.
    • Make sure your headset and sensor are both still firmly connnected to USB 3.0 (blue) ports.
    • Make sure your sensor is positioned correctly. (Set Up Your Oculus Sensor)
  • Position issues in VR:

    You may notice this type of issue if the floor in VR appears too close, or other objects appear too close to you. You should also try these steps whenever your sensor gets moved from its original position.

    1. Try walking back to your starting point, relative to the Oculus sensor. Lift your headset to do this safely.
    2. In an individual game or app, use the Reset View option in The Universal Menu to reset your view in that app. If still having issues, continue with the following steps:
    3. In the Oculus app (on your computer's desktop), click the menu icon
      in the upper right to open the dropdown menu.
    4. Select Settings.
    5. Click Devices from the list on the left.
    6. Click the Oculus sensor image.
    7. Click Reset Default View in VR to re-enter your height and re-run sensor calibration. Be sure your sensor is positioned correctly in the room first. (Set Up Your Oculus Sensor)
    8. If you're still having issues, disconnect the sensor from your computer. Then, from the same Settings -> Devices screen, click Forget Device. Then re-connect your sensor.
  • Blurry text or images:

    • Make sure you've taken time to fully Personalize Your Rift.

      • The Rift headset should be snug enough that it doesn't shift as you move your head.
      • Keep in mind that you adjust the sharpness of horizontal lines by slightly raising and lowering the headset on your face each time you put it on, until the image is sharpest.
    • Adjust the sharpness of vertical lines by pushing in and slowly sliding the lens slider on the underside of the headset. Use the Change Lens Spacing option in The Universal Menufor greater precision.
    • Make sure the lenses are free of smudges and dust, as described in Rift Headset and Lens Care

If you're still having issues with: