Viewing Your Panoramic Photos in Oculus 360 Photos

For instructions on how to transfer and view your own images in Oculus 360 Photos, please follow the instructions below.

Samsung Galaxy S6
To view your own panoramic photos in Oculus 360 Photos:

  1. Create the folder "360Photos" under the Oculus folder
  2. Create the folder "My images" under Oculus/360Photos folder
  3. Load your photos into Oculus/360Photos/My Images folder
Samsung Galaxy Note 4
To view your own panoramic photos in Oculus 360 Photos:
  1. Copy the photos to your phone's internal storage (Phone): /Oculus/360Photos/
  2. Or copy the photos on your phone's removable SD card (Card): /Oculus/360Photos/
On a PC, your phone's storage can be accessed from Windows Explorer by simply plugging in the USB data/charging cable - no software is required. On a Mac, files can be transferred to your phone using Android File Transfer, which is a free utility provided by Google.

The next time you launch Oculus 360 Photos, your photos should automatically appear in the section after “Favorites.”

Photos taken by the RICOH THETA and Google's Photo Sphere are confirmed to be compatible with Oculus 360 Photos. Any JPEG photos with either an equirectangular projection (recommended 4096x2048) or a cube map (recommended 1536x1536 per cube side) will render in the application.